Space Imaging Middle East adds two satellites to its technology offering

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Dubai based, Space Imaging Middle East (SIME), the regional leader in satellite imagery officially announced today that it will introduce to the region imagery via 2 new satellites ChinaBrazil Earth Ressource Satellite (CBERS) and by the Indian Remote Sensing Satellite (IRS-P6) (Recourcesat-1).

The two satellites were successfully launched in the last quarter of this year. Both satellites sensors offer colour images with 5-meter resolution. Images of the new satellite are of medium resolution are will be offered at competitive prices. Hence, the new satellites will enrich SIME product offering and will enable the company to cater to a larger target market.” The images provided by CBERS and IRS-P6 complements our offering to the market that mainly consists of 1 meter resolution data” said Mohamed Al Kadi SIME Managing Director.

The agreement for CBERS was signed two days before by Juma Saif Bin Bakhit , Chairman of Space Imaging Middle East and Luiz Mendez President of Space Imaging Do Brazil (SIB) at the JumeiraBeach hotel in the presence on the Brazilian president, Lula. Through this agreement SIME will introduce the new satellite products to the region and to Europe. Additionally, SIME will be providing technical support to SIB and will jointly develop with the Brazilian company new applications. El Kadi commented on this fact by saying “It is the company’s philosophy to be at the forefront by adopting the latest technologies available in the market “ He added we also aim to always transfer this technology to benefit our partners.

In this respect, Space Imaging Middle East has acted as a technology transferor GAF its European partner to its Brazilian partner. Along with DLR the German aerospace centre GAF has partnered with Space Imaging Middle East to establish the company’s European subsidiary European Space Imaging.. GAF will be providing to SIB with remote sensing studies, specifically for Brazil’s agricultural program. Rupert Haydn,GAF CEO commented on this issue by saying “SIME has opened the door for us to enter to new market ” He added “We are also jointly developing with SIME new applications for the use of IKONOS in Europe and outside Europe.”

The Brazilian company will be benefiting from SIME experience. Mendez commented on this fact by saying: “SIME acts as a gateway to the most innovative technology and will help us develop our internal procedures and build our commercial market ”

El Kadi revealed the company ‘s vision by announcing that SIME is set to become a global company and to continuously increase its coverage either through direct acquisitions or through partnerships.

About GAF - AG
GAF AG is one of Europe’s leading value adding companies in the fields of remote sensing and GIS. The company offers a broad spectrum of applications, ranging from procurement of geo-data (e.g., satellite and aerial data, DEM, land use and land cover data), value adding processing, information processing and software development to the provision of turn-key technical assistance projects and customized spatial land management and monitoring systems. Through an agreement with Space Imaging, GAF’s subsidiary Euromap is sole provider in Europe of IRS satellite imagery products. Euromap receives and processes IRS data in cooperation with DLR at its facility in Neustrelitz, Germany. More information can be found at

About Space Imaging Do Brazil
Based in Rio De Janeiro, Space Imaging De Brazil offers a comprehensive range of visual imagery products and services derived from space imagery and aerial photography. Space Imaging De Brazil products are derived from IKONOS, the world’s first commercial satellite. Since its launch in 1999, IKONOS has revolutionized the geographic information industry. IKONOS flies at a 680 kilometers altitude and delivers global images with a less than 1-meter detail. Space Imaging De Brazil geographic scope entire south America.