Dubai Police Academy and Space Imaging Middle East to co-present a workshop on the use of Satellite imagery for law enforcement

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Dubai 2nd of May: On the 4th of May, Dubai police Academy and Space Imaging Middle East will be co-presenting a workshop under the title “Use of Satellite Imagery for Law Enforcement”. The workshop will be held in conjunction with the “Victims of crime” conference organized by Research and StudiesCenter, DubaiPoliceAcademy and held from the 3rd to the 5th of May.

The workshop will highlight the use of satellite imagery as a powerful tool for providing protection to the civil community and the civil government and in preventing hostile actions against human life and various institutions.

Mr. George Tabakian, Sales and Technical Manager, SIME will provide a general overview on the different uses of satellite imagery to plan security network and coordinate the efforts of the different units. He will also explain how imagery derived base maps can be used to protect governmental institutions and foreign delegations. 

Dr Meshkan Al Awar, Director of Research and studies Center, Dubai police Academy will focus on the use of satellite imagery in research and analysis. She will showcase using real-life example how satellite imagery gives a birds eye view of certain areas, which assists and facilitates analysis of criminal data. She will also point out how satellite imagery helps to visualize different situations before they happen.

During the course of the workshop Dr Al Awar will further demonstrate how security officers overlay criminal data gathered by law enforcement agencies on satellite imagery to locate hostile neighborhoods, which helps them take the necessary measures to prevent crime. 

Tabakian commented on the use of satellite imagery by security and law enforcement authorities by saying “Police departments constitute an important vertical market for our product and services” and that “Imagery is used as an important support to the police daily operations.” Satellite imagery is used as an accurate background reference in police vehicle tracking system, providing a better visualization of the location and the route covered by each patrol. Dubai Police operation department uses high-resolution satellite imagery.

About Space Imaging Middle East
Space Imaging Middle East (SIME) is the leading geospatial and GIS solutions provider in the MENA region. We offer a full spectrum of products and services ranging from imagery collection and processing, to highly customized and sophisticated GIS database and software solutions. SIME is also a founding member of the WorldView Global Alliance, a partnership between SIME, DigitalGlobe, Inc. and European Space Imaging. A first in the industry, the Alliance offers our clients a single channel through which to access best-in-class high-resolution satellite imagery products and services combined with local, direct access service for rapid collection and tailored GIS solutions, supported by expert customer service. For more information on SIME or the WorldView Global Alliance, please visit

About Dubai police Academy
DubaiPoliceAcademy was established in 1987 in accordance with Act no. (1), 1987, modified by Act no. (30), 1988, issued by the government of Dubai. The academy was given autonomy in accordance with this Act provided that it is affiliated to the Dubai Police General Headquarters. Study began at the academy in the academic year 1987- 1988 when 51 cadets and 30 full-time students enrolled. This batch of students consisted of on-job police officers in the Dubai Police.
In 1994 His Excellency the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research issued decree number (51), 1994. The decree authorized the academy to run graduate course in accordance with the Federation Act no. (4), 1992. As of the academic year 1996 the academy opened its doors to welcome new students from the countries of the GCC. In the academic 1996-97 students from some Arab countries, like the Republic of Yemen and the State of Palestine, were admitted to the academy. The academy started as a college and was then changed to an academy. The few coming days will witness transforming the bill drafted for this purpose to a general integrated act.

Research and studies Center
Established a year ago as part of the police academy, the Research and StudiesCenter objective is to qualify and accomplish  research, studies, reports and consultancy through comprehensive applied research in support of Dubai police department. The center researches covers all aspects of policing and security, operating in an e-based government and digital economy. Additionally the center is responsible of developing talented researchers capable of delivery superior standards of research excellence. The center is also responsible of holding events and seminars for knowledge updates in various aspects of policing and security.