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Basic Imagery

For users having advanced image processing capabilities


Basic Imagery products are designed for users having advanced image processing capabilities.

DigitalGlobe supplies camera model information with each Basic Imagery product to permit users to perform sophisticated photogrammetric processing such as orthorectification and three dimensional feature extraction. Basic Imagery is the least processed image product with corrections for radiometric distortions and adjustments for internal sensor geometry, optical, and sensor distortions have been performed on each scene ordered.


Spacecraft telemetry and camera model supplied with satellite imagery Perform your own photogrammetric processing on raw data to produce orthorectified imagery and first generation basemaps
High resolution
  • 46 cm* - 65 cm panchromatic, natural color, color infrared, or 4-band pan sharpened
  • 1.8 m* - 2.62 m multispectral
Identify features, create maps, and detect changes from recent global imagery at the highest resolution possible from commercial imaging satellites
Large image swath collection size
  • 16.4 km – 18.0 km width at nadir
Map large areas faster with fewer files to manage and process
High radiometric response
  • 11-bit digitization (up to 2,048 levels of gray scale)
  • Discrete non-overlapping bands
Improve feature classification and identification in dark or bright areas such as building shadows or snow and perform more flexible image enhancement
Open systems
  • Camera model information supplied
  • Compatible with leading commercial software providers
  • Popular image file formats
Get your high-resolution satellite orthoimagery project up and running quickly and easily using your existing commercial software

*Attained using supplied Image Support Data files, viewing geometry, and terrain distortions.

Glendale, Arizona, U.S.A.
Collected March 28, 2011


Product Options
  Pixel ResolutionA Image Bands
Panchromatic 50 cm, 65 cm, 2.0 m Panchromatic
Multispectral (4-band) 2.0 m, 2.4 m, 2.62 m Blue, Green, Red, NIR1
Multispectral (8-band) 2.0 m Coastal, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Red Edge, NIR1, NIR2
Scene SizeB
At nadir Minimum size of 16.4 km x 14 km (230 km2)
Spectral Characteristics
  QuickBird WorldView-1 WorldView-2
Panchromatic (B&W) 405 - 1053 nm 397 - 905 nm 447 - 808 nm
Coastal Blue     396 - 458 nm
Blue 430 - 545 nm   442 - 515 nm
Green 466 - 620 nm   506 - 586 nm
Yellow     584 - 632 nm
Red 590 - 710 nm   624 - 694 nm
Red Edge     699 - 749 nm
Near-IR 1 715 - 918 nm   765 - 901 nm
Near-IR 2     856 - 1043 nm
Image Accuracy SpecificationC
  QuickBird WorldView-1 WorldView-2
CE90 23 m 5.0 m 5.0 m
Radiometric CorrectionsSensor CorrectionsResampling Options
  • Relative radiometric response between detectors
  • Non-responsive detector fill
  • Conversion to absolute radiometry
  • Internal detector geometry
  • Optical distortion
  • Scan distortion
  • Any line-rate variations
  • Registration of the multispectral bands
  • 4x4 cubic convolution
  • Nearest neighbor
  • MTF kernel
Order Parameters
Product Type Panchromatic, Multispectral or Bundle
Image Bits/Pixel 8 or 16-bits
File Formats GeoTIFF 1.0, NITF 2.1 or NITF 2.0

A - Pixel resolution varies across the image due to off-nadir viewing angle. Pixels closest to nadir have a better resolution than those farthest from nadir. Resolution varying from nadir up to 25° are reported here. DigitalGlobe can collect targets up to 45°, upon request.

B - Scene dimensions vary due to off-nadir viewing angle. Scene sizes up to 25° are shown, but DigitalGlobe can collect targets up to 45°, upon request.

- Attained using supplied Image Support Data files and exclusive of sensor, viewing geometry and terrain distortions.

* - Attained using supplied Image Support Data files and exclusive of sensor, viewing geometry and terrain distortions.


Basic Imagery can be acquired directly from the DigitalGlobe archive, or by submitting a new collection request. Basic Imagery available by scene, from a minimum purchase of a single scene up to a maximum of 10,000 km2 per order. Products are delivered on your choice of standard digital media, including all the Image Support Data files needed for photogrammetric processing, including attitude and ephemeris data, geometric calibration, camera model, image metadata, radiometric data, and rational functions.