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WorldView Elevation Suite

For successful exploration, engineering, land management, and simulation


The new WorldView Elevation Suite provides a full perspective for your project area, bundling a highly accurate digital elevation model derived from a WorldView-1 or WorldView-2 stereo pair with ortho-imagery and contours

Accurate elevation models are key building blocks for successful exploration, engineering, land management, and simulation. DigitalGlobe has partnered withPhotoSat Information Ltd. to produce elevation datasets over rural areas of low vegetation using an inno vative geophysical technology similar to 3D seismic processing that provides unprecedented accuracy from a satellite-based DEM.


Features and Benefits

Engineering-Grade Accuracy from Space
In leveraging PhotoSat’s innovative geophysical technology, we provide superior quality for a satellite-derived product that is comparable to aerial technologies in detail and accuracy. 

Global Reach 
Obtain elevation models for any country in the world without local access challenges, such as permitting or in-country presence. Our worldwide reach allows more efficient mapping of areas where getting a plane in the air or a team on the ground is too costly, time consuming, or unsafe. 
Current Information 
Conduct your operations with recent data. We will work with you to obtain the data within your date speci fications to ensure it is as relevant as possible. Utilize our custom tasking capabilities or select imagery from our ImageLibrary.
Accurate elevation models derived from WorldView-1 stereo pair with ortho-imagery and contours.


Technical Specifications: DEM
Vertical Accuracy 25-30 cm observed relative accuracy depending on ground control. 1 m absolute accuracy LE90
Post-Spacing 1 meter
Horizontal Accuracy 4.1 meters CE90
File Type GeoTIFF format
Projection Customer defined


Technical Specifications: Imagery
Resolution 50 cm
Accuracy 4.1 meters CE90, 1:4800 map scale
Color Type Panchromatic (black and white) and Natural Color
File Type GeoTIFF format
Projection Customer defined


Each order is delivered via FTP and contains:
  • Digital Elevation Model in GeoTIFF format 
  • WorldView-1 panchromatic ortho imagery in GeoTIFF format 
  • Contours in shapefile format 
  • Image Support Data (ISD) files (Layout file, shapefiles, browse image, Product README, image metadata file, ephemeris file; attitude file; geometric calibration file; RPC00B file; license text file; tile map file)